Peter Godfrey

Natural Resources


Peter is a leading energy specialist with a career spanning over 30 years. His experience has given him a unique perspective, having been both a broker and an underwriter, worked both domestically and abroad, and in both the retail and the wholesale markets. Peter truly relates to what clients and brokers need and instinctively knows what to offer in terms of real support.

In his most recent roles as Director of Underwriting, Lead Class Underwriter and latterly as a member of the Chief Underwriting Office he witnessed an increasing move to formulaic decision-making, driven by a dependence on actuarial and price models, and often serving corporate considerations ahead of individual account interests. Believing these to be of limited use to clients, and against the true spirit of entrepreneurship, he has brought his vast transactional underwriting and marketing experience to One to create and build a natural resource portfolio.

Being based in London, Peter works primarily with wholesale brokers and is focused on creating long term relationships and writing a balanced and diverse Global upstream / downstream book of primarily short tail, physical damage based exposures.

The natural resource team consists of two underwriters who are supported by an Exposure Analyst and an Underwriting Assistant. The offering will be both onshore and offshore underwriting with commensurate US$ line sizes. Their approach, and collective technical knowledge will ensure that clients and brokers get direct access, quick and centralised decisions, as well as practical solutions on the more complex risks.

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